Vortex POK3R Non RGB
Vortex POK3R Non RGB

Vortex POK3R Non RGB

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Compact Design & USB Type-C
The New Poker II is a true 60% mechanical keyboard with real-time macro programming. iKBC removed all the non-essential keys and shifted their functionality to another layer within the keyboard, the keyboard has 3 fully programmable layers. The result is a compact, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional keyboard. The New Poker II also features a new USB Type-C connector, it is ready to be plugged in the most recent computers and displays.

No Sacrifice
Even though the New Poker II is 40% smaller than a normal keyboard, nothing has been sacrificed in the shrinking process. The extra keys like arrow keys and the function row are accessible on a secondary function layer. Hold down the Fn key and “3” becomes "F3", hold down Fn key and “A” becomes “left arrow” etc.

Cherry MX Switches
For a unique and enjoyable typing experience iKBC has equipped the New Poker II with Cherry MX Switches, available in Red, Black, Brown and Blue. Cherry MX switches ensure the system for up to 50 million operations, so your keyboard will never let you down.

Unlimited Customization
This keyboard is fully programmable via hardware so no software is needed, just plug it in and start building macros. Since all of the programming happens on the keyboard, you can plug it into any computer and take your custom layouts wherever you go, all settings are saved on the onboard memory.

Here's an example of customization:
If you want to program A as 123 starts by entering the programming mode by pressing FN + Right CTRL then the A key, then 1,2,3 and finish by pressing PN. At this point you can continue to program macros or end the programming mode, if you wish to continue programming, for example set FN + A to register 456, press FN + A then 4,5,6 and finish by pressing PN. If you want to exit the programming mode simply press FN + Right CTRL.

In addition to all the programming, there are 6 DIP switches on the back:
The DIP switches number 1 & 2 allow you to switch between the different layouts (Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak & Workman).
The DIP switch number 3 allows you to change Fn & Pn positions.
The DIP switch number 4 turns on the arrow keys on left Shift / Fn / Pn / Ctrl.
The DIP switch number 5 switches Capslock / left Ctrl.
The DIP switch number 6 switches Win / Alt.

Details and Specifications

Brand ikbc
Model New Poker II
Size 60%
Physical Layout US QWERTY
Logical Layout ANSI
Primary LED Color n/a
Control LED Color n/a
USB Key Rollover Full
Multimedia Keys Yes
Switch Mount Type Plate
Built in Audio Port No
Built in Mic Port No
Windows Compatible Yes
Mac Compatible Yes
Dimensions 11.42" x 4.72" x 1.10"
Weight 1.21 lbs
Cord Length 60 inches